Time for another Grand Day Out


Historic Dartmouth, Devon

The Quay above is known as Bayards Cove.  It is right in the heart of Dartmouth and once a very busy harbour for Clipper Ships.  Some of you may remember the Period TV Series ‘Onedin Line‘ …  well this was the setting for  much of the filming.

For centuries Dartmouth, located at the narrow entrance to the River Dart from Start Bay, has been an important Naval and Civil Harbour for centuries.  Well protected by  twin Castles on either side of the Dart Estuary ….  which apart from Cannons with which to defend the entrance, a chain from one castle to the other could be raised to hinder passage of unwelcome vessels.  The Naval connection continues today being the home of Dartmouth’s  Royal Naval College.

But a visit to Dartmouth is also a visit to Kingswear, the town directly across the Dart and linked by a continuous stream of ferries to Dartmouth….


Over the Dart to Kingswear.

Any trip to Dartmouth will be busy.  It is a popular centre and the population swells significantly during the summer. The marina’s ,of which there are several, popular with local sailors and those from abroad.  Busy as the town will undoubtedly be, it is also fun. Lots to see, from gardens, to narrow streets, marinas and old quayside,  take a trip round the Bay, or take ferry to Kingswear,  our just rest awhile on the promenade with great active views.  Then of course you also have the Castle to add to the list.  So lets take a short visual tour….

It is a great cosmopolitan mix of modern with the historical.

So after all the trauma of todays problems, it may well be a tonic to enjoy,

It will be nice to get back to normal (even the new normal) but

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

13th June

(C) David Oakes 2020

5 thoughts on “Time for another Grand Day Out

  1. So lovely! It’s almost painful to see such a beautiful place while we’re still in this “lockdown” and pinned to our tiny corners of the world, wondering whether it will take months or years to feel as free to travel the world again. Thanks for the images, David. I spent a week in the Devon and Cornwall area years ago, but mostly on a friend’s farm. Next trip, I’ll head for the coast!


    • I have no answer to your concern. Just have this dreadful feeling that it is going to be quite some time be for even the new norm kicks in. I am trying by way of my morning posts to rekindle memories for some and ideas for others….. And if it doesn’t help others it certainly helps me, though I do feel rather sad at times. “will be gat back there?”. 🤔🙄😊

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