Mediterranean Scotland…….


On a bright sunny summers day, with the multi coloured quayside houses all painted in bright colours, this could perhaps be the Mediterranean.

It is though the small Fishing Town of Arbroath, on the Angus Coast, North East Scotland.

I refer to Arbroath as a Fishing Town.  It was one of the East Coast most important Fishing communities.  Even in my lifetime I can recall this harbour packed with fishing  boats and a quayside full of the hustle and bustle, of  Fish being unloaded, waiting lorries and of course the banter of the wheeler dealers, buying and selling.

Then of course you have the unique culinary delicacy,  “The Arbroath Smokie”.  A Smokie is a whole small Haddock.  Cleaned but left on the bone.  Then smoked over hot oak wood chips.  The aroma of the smoke houses still drifts across the harbour from harbourside smoke houses.

Gone are the bulk of the fishing fleet, though a few  boats are still active.  They have been replaced by the Social Yachting and Boating interests….a busy working harbour now a leisure marina.

  • Smokies are not Kippers.  Kippers are smoked Herring, still nice but not as good in my view as an Arbroath Smokie

Arbroath may have changed, but still well worth exploring. But as always on your travels…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

21st July

(C) David Oakes 2020




5 thoughts on “Mediterranean Scotland…….

  1. Ooh, how I’d love to try one of the smokies! The closest I’ll come is likely smoked lake trout from the towns north of Duluth, Minnesota–but that may be at least another year in the future.


    1. They are rather good.. I like to pop them under a grill with some melted butter… Great with some chunky grannnsry bread. Some of the smokehouse offer a postal service. Sadly Overseas destinations not on the list 🤔


  2. What a vibrant photo. It looked as if you edited the colors in photoshop! So vivid! (And sunny 😉)

    I imagine it’s still a lovely visit but I preferred the years when the harbor was a hustle bustle of fishing boats.

    Must’ve been a sight to behold!


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