Teasing again….. this on/off summer


This evening we have some bright sunshine and a near clear blue sky.  I did suggest yesterday that the weather was a tease.  One day Winter, then the next summer.  Well today  the weather continues to tease us.  We started with a clear sky and sunshine…. summer again!  Disappointment soon headed our way and by the time breakfast and a coffee had been quickly consumed, the weather reverted back to grey with clouds that looked as if they contained rain.

It has remained that way till now and a belated promise of a rather fine evening.

You may recall that we planted a new climbing Clematis.  A Clematis who’s first buds were not the colour, on the label, for the variety we bought.  Now that it is really getting into its stride, I have to admit to being rather pleased.  For a first year the growth is better than expected and the ‘surprise’  colour is rather pleasing.


The petals may be paper thin but the centre stamen with it yellow anthers are little marvel of nature…


The Clematis may have made great growth. Not so the Hydrangea, whilst producing some equally intricate and colourful blooms,  they have had to fight hard this year.  The blooms are much smaller, no big blousy cushions of petals this season.  We did have a very very  late frost, the only real frost of the year.  It killed off several plants, knocked back others and in the case of our Hydrangeas, it burnt the leaves, particularly those round the new flower heads.  So whilst we still have a good display it is with miniaturised blooms.

   On a dull day, yellow is still the colour to glow,  the first of many more to come as this border is packed with buds..


We do have a mystery visitor to the garden.   In amongst the lobelia we planted in some baskets, this little purple flower with a yellow centre has appeared.  It looks a little like a viola or maybe from some angles a pansy….but its size says that it must be something else.  I said it was small, just over 1cm in diameter…. that’s small.



Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

20th July

(C) David Oakes 2020

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