A Near Perfect Start


After what has seemed like weeks of storms, rain and at the best mediocre days with flashes of sunshine, this morning, the 1st of September, started rather well.  Gin clear blue sky, no wind  and a sun that was as warm as any summers day.

True, there was a little mist showing in the valley bottom but that soon cleared. 


There are though signs that year has moved on and we are heading towards autumn.  The shadows are longer and the low sun, penetrating but also creating harsh shadows. 


A perfect start to the month and the perfect morning for a walk through one of our local Parks and through a little of Derby’s Industrial Heritage.  The Park is Darley Park.  It runs on two sides of the River Derwent.  One side is very much based upon an old arboretum.  The opposite side is more like the usual ‘civic’ rather plain parks, with playing fields.  All in all it makes a rather pleasant circular walk, punctuated with little snippets of Derby’s past, from historic bridges to Heritage Status Mills, workers cottages, a village of now much sort after cottages.  Despite being less than a mile from the City Centre…..lots of fresh air.  You are welcome to join us……


Late afternoon and some clouds starting to bubble up.  Somehow I don’t think this weather will last to see tomorrow, let alone the rest of the week….but best not to complain, just enjoy today.


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

1st September

(C) David Oakes 2020

4 thoughts on “A Near Perfect Start

  1. I truly love viewing your photos and seeing all that GREEN. The view outside my window was looking pretty bleak since we were desperate for rain. But we’ve received some nice rainfall the last couple of days and finally, my world looks green again.

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