A Bridge with Historical Links


Conwy Castle looms large over Conwy Suspension Bridge.  The bridge spans the River Conway as it heads on and into Colwyn Bay.  The famous engineer Thomas Telford was commissioned to design and built the bridge as a replacement for the Ferry river crossing.  It was completed in 1826, has a span of nearly 100 metre’s  and if I remember correctly, at an eye watering (for the time) of £50,000..  For years it carried road traffic.  Progress ensured that a Railway bridge to be constructed (to the left of the image) whilst a ‘new’ road bridge (to the right)  which was opened in 1958.

The Suspension Bridge is a listed Grade 1 structure and now in the care of the National Trust… foot traffic only.  A small fee is charged but worth it for a walk through and too history.

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12th September

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