Seems a Lifetime Ago…..


Chanonry Point Lighthouse.  Moray Firth, East Coast of Scotland

29th September 2017…only three years ago yet it seems a lifetime ago.  Even as we were enjoying a fabulous September, on an extended holiday in Scotland, with exceptionally good early autumnal weather that felt more like summer, we were planning “where next”.

Whilst it was true that we did get some rain on that trip, the truth is there where far more days of sunshine, blue skies, and drifting clouds.  Yep, September 2017 was rather special in Scotland.  

One of our destinations is high on the East Coast of Scotland.  Overlooking the Moray Firth is Chanonry Point.  It is a delightful spot close to Fortrose and Rosemarkie.  Chanonry Point, in the shadow of the lighthouse, has become a Dolphin Watching Hot Spot, but at this time of the year they were making their home elsewhere.

Despite no Dolphins, 5 days here was a relaxing ‘wind down’ after 3 busy weeks in the Highlands, from one coast to the other.  After all we still had another week in the Cairngorms to look forward to.  Life seemed so free and easy then.


3 years on, planning for the life ahead, let alone holidays seems rather problematic, if not impossible.  I guess all we can do is live for each day and hope that one day life can and will get back to some sort of normal….. though I suspect a very different normal than we have been enjoying. 

At least we have some great memories.

So, it is even more important than ever to…..

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

29th September

(C) David Oakes 2020

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  1. There are many serious indications that the new “normal” will be quite different from what we have come to take for granted. We will certainly treasure these memories of easier times for many years to come.


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