The Start of a long walk or a short stroll……


Edale, Derbyshire

Last time we were here it was a sunny November day…..  sunny and November don’t always go together, particularly in the shadow of Kinder Scout, Derbyshires highest point.  This is Edale, and we just had a splendid  afternoon walk up the Clough.

But Edale is also the start of the “Pennine Way”.  The track ahead takes you to the summit of Kinder via Grindsbrook Clough.  This was the original start of the long distance path, later an additional start to the route was mapped out, possibly to save the over use of paths, in what is a nature sensitive area.  But both starting points are from the ‘Old Nag’s Head Inn‘ in Edale Village

The Pennine Way was the idea, and hard work  of a Tom Stephenson. He was one of  the key people in establishing The Right to Roam across our countryside, he also did much to promote the pastime and challenges of Rambling.

From Edale, to where the route terminates at Kirk Yetholm across the Scottish Border, it is 270 miles of tough terrain.  It takes the walker through most of the northern counties of England including three National Parks.  Even if you start at the end and work south to the finish, either way is a major challenge for any walker… tough terrain, tough weather but a walk of constant variety of landscape

Its creation, was a milestone in establishing long distance walking trails in the UK.

I have only ever done sections of the route, so take my boots hat off to those who undertake the full challenge.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

27th November

(C) David Oakes 2020

9 thoughts on “The Start of a long walk or a short stroll……

    1. Maybe we are being selfish……. but weekends and Bank Holidays are best avoided. Interesting. in these CV19 times, that one of our local Garden Centres has emailed its regular customer list asking them not to visit at weekends if at all possible 🙂

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  1. That is a lovely path. This reminds me of what has been done here (I live in western Pennsylvania in the USA) – one time railroad tracks have been turned into walking trails. We call it “Rails to Trails” but it’s only 57 miles long.

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    1. Strange the ways things change. Lots of our rail network were closed uneconomic so they said. Those routes became walking trails. Now there is a move to return some of those trails back to rail. My mum always said that everything come round again. 😃

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