It is a Puzzle…… our Weather


January and our flow of weather has turned much more Spring like.  Gone for now are the drab and ever so wet days of December.  Sunshine, clear skies all tempered with a wind from the north that does have fresh bite to it.

It was not a morning to waste so a brisk walk through Darley Abbey. Long shadows from the low sun emphasised the skeletons of the trees in Darley Park Arboretum.



I am well aware that this brief spring like weather cannot last.  The Met Office tells us a winter change is on the way…. not that they needed to tell us, we know from experience that once snows hit eastern USA it will land up here, usually no more than 7 days later.

Taking advantage of this bonus day we stretch out the walk and headed into Town (now I know that some locals will castigate me for calling Derby a town – it is a City they say. It is but only a small one)

Derby is a mix of the very old and the new.  I have to say I much prefer the historic buildings to the new constructions.

Alongside the River Derwent is the Silk Mill, part of the World Heritage site. A great location allowing it to show its style in isolation to the rest of its surrounds. But only a stones throw away is Derby Cathedral…..  hemmed in on the west side, by narrow street of the old town, but from the east it is open so also able to show off its stature..


Standing in the shadow of the Cathedral can be found a statue to Bonnie Prince Charlie (Charles Edward Stuart – The Young Pretender).


Derby played a pivotal moment in the history of Scotland, England and ultimately that of the British Isle. It was here that The Bonnie Prince had a change of heart.  He halted the march from Scotland to London that was intended to the claim the throne, here he turned and head back for Scotland.

That was 276 years and 29 days ago……..  the history of our nations may well have been so much different if events had unfolded differently. Here in the reality of today we can only reflect upon the might have been, dependant upon your historical point of view,  Derby is where the challenge was either won or lost.

In todays reality of our challenging times, can I again remind you all to….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

4th January

(C) David Oakes 2022


10 thoughts on “It is a Puzzle…… our Weather

  1. ‘Not an exact sience’ they say! Perhaps closer to a kind of guessing game?
    If you were asked to guess tomorrow’s weather, you would probably have more than 75% chance to get it right,
    don’t you think?

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    1. OK never as severe as many parts of Cananda…. but I think we will be getting some snow soon. How much and for how long is the unknown 🙂 Meantime we have yet another sunny cold day again today……. that’s four days in a row !!!.

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