Two Firsts……..


Seville, Plaza de Espana, Andalusia

A few years ago we were in Seville… was hot.  In one of the plaza’s there was a pole with Digital Clock and Digital Temperature display.

It was about 2pm, gathered around were a number of young people.  They were watching intently as the reading went from 39.7, 39.8 a pause then 39.9 and an even longer pause ….. then 40C.  A loud cheer, lots of clapping and off they ran to the nearest fountains.

So even in Seville, just a few years ago, 40c was quite something.

It was also something, lets say, different for us visitors from the UK, not a temperature we had really experienced over mainland Europe. A European first.

Nor did we imagine that here in middle England just a few years later we would have record high temperatures of 40c plus.  Not sure what todays final high will be… but 41c, maybe even 42c. is very possible.

One sure thing is that it is temperatures we are very unfamiliar with. If future years are going to be similar or even hotter, we will need to completely rethink our style of living and built infrastructure.

Stay cool if you can and……

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

19th July

(C) David Oakes 2022

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