Thoughtful Thursday…. A Creative Solution

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Kilmory Knap Chapel, Knapdale, Argyll, Scotland

At first glance this isolated stone Chapel would appear to be a ruin.  The Chapel dates back to the 1200’s, but several rugged stone crosses and markers in the ground surrounding the Chapel, indicated a site of much earlier religious significance.  But Kilmory Knap Chapel is certainly no longer a ruin as you will find once you pass through the door.

A glass roof, skillfully constructed not to show from the outside but provide protection for an important collection of carved stones within.

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Taking center stage in the collection is the MacMillan Cross.  Erected in 1400 to mark the death of the important MacMillan Clan Chief who had controlled much of this area of Argyll and the surrounding Isles.DOI_4214_00159bbb - Copy


The carving on the Cross and Grave markers is intricate and shows great skills. It is suggested that many of the Stones, both here, and at nearby Kilmartin Glen, were commissioned and carved on Iona and Ireland and transport here.

The carvings depict Clan Warrior s, Celtic Symbol’s, Animals and Flora and make for an interesting gallery of historic Religious and Cultural Art.

Kilmory Knap Chapel may be remote, near the tip of the Knapdale Peninsula, but it well worth exploring and making a detour if you are holidaying in Argyll. A creative solution in retaining the original Chapel ruin, whilst not being intrusive, yet protecting these valuable stones from the elements.


Planning your summer expeditions, just dreaming, or taking each day as it comes… as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

12th January

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