Sunday….. Off to Church (and not what you expect)


Schloss Gottorf, Schleswig-Holstein.

Gottorf Castle, sometimes referred to as Gottorf Palace, is today the National Museum of Schleswig-Holstein, a treasure trove that would take you days to fully explore.  For several centuries, Gottorf Schloss was the residence of the Holstein Gottorf  Royal Dynasty.

There is no Church but there is a rather spectacular Family Chapel.  To discover the Chapel you must first pass beyond the bold dramatic and solid exterior to the Inner Courtyard.


Once in  the Courtyard the architecture makes a dramatic change as the Schloss was extended across many generations, reflecting the many different styles favoured at the time.

It is behind one of the many doors that surround the courtyard that you will find this unique  Chapel.  Whilst usage of the rest of the Schloss changed over the many years, the Chapel always retained its Ecclesiastic duties.  As a result it is perhaps the best preserved room.

Did I mention it is a small Chapel…. many of us have bigger rooms in our homes. So it really does take you by surprise to discover just what has been created in such a small space. Rich, intricated colourful church fittings of Romanesque to Gothic Art and a demonstration of great skill from the artist and craftspeople who created the Chapel.



Even now, looking at these images, it is hard to recall both the initial surprise, the drama of the detail of such a tiny Chapel together with a respect for the skilled Craftspeople.  A quiet, colourful, but still dignified space for family worship.

It may be small but lingers long in my memory worthy of a place alongside those of the much larger Cathedral’s we have visited.

All hidden beyond these imposing walls…. in an equally imposing location.

A jewel in Schleswig-Holstein’s Crown


Sunday, a day when we often reflect upon times past, present and of course the future…. no matter what…. as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

12th March

(C) David Oakes 2023