The Three Bridges….


The Three Bridges of the Firth of Forth
(May be the Ancient and Modern)

In the foreground is the Queensferry Crossing, a Motorway status highway…. it is the newest of the three, being opened in 2017.  Next in order is the Forth Road Bridge. Opened in 1964 and at that time the longest suspension Bridge in the world outside America.


Prior to its construction, road traffic had to make a long detour round the River Forth or use the alternative Ferry Service across the Forth at Queensferry…. I found the ferry crossing rather special, indeed magical, but the delays in waiting in a queue for your turn seemed to take a lifetime.

But that ferry crossing had one great advantage.  It gave you an up close and personal view of the very majestic Forth Railway Bridge with its very recognisable cantilever construction….. a very Scottish Landmark


The Railway first crossed the Forth in1890 and is still the vital rail link from Edinburgh to the North.  In the days of steam trains, a crossing must have been very dramatic…. even today a rail crossing is a rather special moment, no matter how often one crosses.  As for ancient and modern, in my view, however stylish the newest bridge is, I much prefer the solid and iconic rail bridge.

All in all, these three bridges must be rather unique.  There are indeed other great bridges around the world, some much bigger or longer. But I am not sure there is anywhere else that has three major bridges in one location.

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17th January

(C) David Oakes 2023

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  1. Here in the U.S, my nearby city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is known as the “city of bridges” since there are over 400 spanning three rivers. Of course, none of them are major bridges like these beauties you’ve shown here, but a view of some of our bridges from a high point called Mount Washington is pretty spectacular.

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