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Hanseatic Luneburg, Germany 

When compiling the blog on the superb ceramics in Saville (

I was reminded of the skill and art of the bricklayers in the Medieval Hanseatic City of Luneburg.

Luneburg made its wealth from its monopoly of the Salt Market due to the natural good fortune that the area surrounding the town was rich in salt….. a vital ingredient for the fishing industry and others, for centuries a much sought-after commodity trade the world over.

This wealth enabled its traders to build a luxurious Town and by another quirk of its location, it was also within an area of clay and the base of another industry, that of brick and pantile making.

We are all familiar with that building essential the humble brick.  But in Luneburg the skill of the bricklayer is also an artform.  Luneburg has also been described as a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ as the when the towns fortunes took a downturn in the 16th century the medieval commercial area of the town remained substantially unchanged (even war damage has seen sympathetic rebuilding to maintain the style).

Share a mini tour with us, the old town, even though details have been adapted to our modern lifestyle, you can still admire and absorb the feel of old Luneburg.


Even on a very wet day the Town still impresses.

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25th March

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  1. I have often heard about the Luneburger Heide, but I had absolutely no idea that the city of Luneburg was so beautiful, these are really exceptionally beautiful houses! Wonderful photos David.

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