Silent Sunday….. A Church Visit


 Marienkirche, Rostock, Germany

For such a large Church, Marienkirche (St. Marys) is well hidden in the side streets of the Hanseatic City of Rostock.

It is indeed an enormous Gothic Brick construction dating back to the 13th century (it was further enlarged during the 14th century).  I say enormous, it is and larger than many Cathedrals I have visited.

The Brick Tower with its many glazed windows is only matched by the interior height of the nave.

Reflecting Rostock’s maritime importance as a member of the Hanseatic League, there hang various models of sailing ships upon which the City built its wealth.  These are overshadowed by the famous Astronomical Clock.  Dating back to 1472 this masterpiece is till operating today…. and worth a visit in its own right

Disaster nearly befell Marienkirche during 3 nights of Air Raids in 1942.  Thankfully swift actions prevented widespread fire damage. 


Well worth a detour on any visit to Rostock… when you find Marienkirche you will be surprised at its size and yet intermit atmosphere

Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

2nd May

(C) David Oakes 2021


Weekly Photo Challenge–Street Life (2)


The Wrong Pitch.  I hasten to add NOT the musician…he was pitch perfect, a good voice and he could pick hit guitar with the best of them. 

But I did feel his choice of pitch was perhaps not the best.  Perhaps he selected the pitch because it was in shade and would remain that way for most of the day.  We past him here on the High Street in Rostock, Germany, several times but sadly he hadn’t the size of audience he really did deserved.

29th March

© David Oakes 2014

ALL at Sea…..…..well almost!

Just a few quick images, posted on the fly, to act as ‘post cards’ to keep you in touch with our travels,

So its good bye Dover and England  on a warm July evening and a calm North Sea…



After a peaceful days cruising the following evening found us entering the Kiel Canal  and heading for the Baltic……..


The disappointment was that we passed through the canal overnight..but the pleasure was arriving at our first port of call Warnemunde in what was once East Germany.  Warnemunde is a only just becoming a regular stop for Cruise ships and in my view a worthy port of call.  The town is small, has a great beach which even at this early hour was already packed….


But Warnewunde is also the link to Rostock the most northern Hanseatic Port in Germany.  Rostock is also a great town to explore on foot, broad strasse and narrow lanes dominated on all sides by high buildings and much restored after its turbulent history……





Any visit must include an exploration of the 14th century Church of Marienkirche.  Although it is a huge structure of brick construction dominating the Rostock skyline once in the town it is soon lost amongst the surrounding buildings and narrow street….


Close up the tower shows off all its height but once inside the height and overall size is even more impressive….



There is much restoration being done to the interior so at the moment is hard to find some of the a many treasurers but look for this monster of a double pointer clock, or the suspended sailing boat and the monster of an organ and ancient giant bells…..


All to soon it was back to our boat to continue our journey…..


As departure time approached it became a little race to see if our ship Braemar would be beaten to the off by a giant cruise ship Aida…a race that Aida won and the town came out to view and wave us safely off on our various travels….


So it was soon good bye to Warnemunde and it beaches still packed by thousands of visitors…..we can see why they return regularly…..



All that remained was for the Pilot Boat to also wave us good bye and head off back to its port to await the next cruise ships…whilst we turn north and further up the Baltic…


21st July

© David Oakes 2013