Snow outside …..but an Occasional burst of Spring Sunshine.


Cold outside, though our first covering of winter snow is melting fast.  The occasional burst of sunshine created a feeling of spring…albeit in the comfort of the conservatory….and the sweet scent of the Hyacinth adds dimension to the feeling.

11th February

(C) David Oakes 2020

High Noon……and a Bowl of Sunshine


As predicted it is a grey day this Monday, so we brought a bowl of Crocus into the office to add some sparkle to the day…..come High Noon and we get a short burst of sun through the heavy cloud….enough to give us a Bowl of Sunshine

Whilst that sunshine has now vanished, probably never to return today, we still have the Crocus to cheer the afternoon along.  It also reminded us that at this time of year its the little things that add cheer to the day.

17th February

© David Oakes 2014

The All Seeing Eye of the Ancient Oak……


This Oak has stood for over 1000 years and its all seeing eye has seen storms, and much else, come and go. In a welcome and sunny break between the storms it was good to explore the woods to see how they faired.  In parts the strong winds seemed to have acted like a vacuum removing all the ground clutter and leaving a relatively clear woodland floor……


Elsewhere the ravages of those winds are clear to see with broken branches…..


and up-rooted trees…….


More storms are forecast but for now it is great to enjoy the  early morning sunshine as it creates a warming glow silhouetting the this Yew with a spring like feel….


But the real surprise and a welcome bonus to the morning was the discovery of this clump of Wild Snowdrops hiding safely away below some wild brambles……


Spring may well be on its way!

6th February

© David Oakes 2014

The First of the Season…….


Our first Muscari of the spring….and quite a surprise as it is being much earlier than the Snowdrops that are usually our first showing of spring season bulbs.  But best not complain for despite all the heavy rains and storms of January we still haven’t had our winter.  As for the rains, well after a summer and autumn (that lasted till nearly Christmas) of record high temperatures, record hours of sunshine and the driest for generations, the rains had to come.  Winter may well yet have the ultimate sting in its tail, but it is great to see the first signs of spring starting to emerge.

4th February

© David Oakes 2014