More May Flowers…….


Cannot beat a Daisy

As the month of May heads towards closure, a month that has seen new growth in woods, hedgerow and meadows burst into its rich abundance, it finishes with a flourish of even more meadow flowers.

I wonder what June will bring us ?

30th May

(C) David Oakes 2019

A Funny Year so far….Is it Spring or have we arrived at Summer ?


It has been a strange seasonal year so far.  High temperatures, little rain, some high winds and only a flash of frost.  Plants, both garden and in the wild, have flourished but not always in the cycle of seasonal flowering we are used to.

At long last the Ash trees have burst there buds and the new green leaves are appearing.  I reckon the Ash is very late, the Oak has been in leaf for some 5 weeks or more.

Now the meadows are being flooded with wild flowers, Buttercups, Cow Parsley, Daisies, Red Campion and Ragged Robin are vying with all the green herbage that is doing its best to drown everything….  to me this is more like early summer than spring, no matter it is a delight to walk and explore the meadows..

Down by the Lake everything appears calm, again the wild flowers edging the bank are flourishing like never before adding a freshness to any mornings walk…


But not all is peaceful, for many birds and water fowl it can be a tough traumatic time.  This Coot had thought it had found the ideal nest spot, even a bit of shade. But as soon as the chicks hatched the Rooks and Crows started to harass the Coots. I am hopeful all will be well as Coots are rather feisty birds and there claws a challenge for any predator..

At least for some mums and their youngsters this warm spring has ensured that they can get out in the fresh air and have some sociable fun.


It is still Spring…. but if it was Summer I for one would not be complaining

23rd May

(C) David Oakes 2019