Silent Sunday…….. as the sun goes down


The Sound of Silence……  sundown, on the aft deck, a glass of whisky, some friends for company,  friends who also enjoy these precious moments of silence…… and all is peace

Just another memory of better times….  we hope it will happen again.  Till then…

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

26th July

(C) David Oakes 2020

Outdoors and Indoors…and a great Finish


Despite the terrible weather of almost constant rains and storms we have had some encouraging signs that Spring is on its way.  Last week we had our first Muscari and then we discovered our first Snowdrops in the woods.  To-day lurking in a secluded corner of the garden was our first Dwarf Iris of the season.  Frail as it is the gales have not inflicted any damage to this majestic flower on its extra slim steam.

But we have also brought the garden inside.  We received this super hand thrown Horse Chestnut plant pot as a Christmas Gift.  The challenge was what to find a plant to make the most of the unique design…so we went with a Saxifrage.  As you can see it is flourishing well, adding a vibrant green with its succulent type leaves, providing some fresh colour and life to the conservatory. We wait to see what flowers it will produce….


And Finally…….

Yes, finally the skies cleared and the rain and winds have taken a pause in there constant lashing of the country.  I suspect from the forecasts it will only be  a short respite but it did give us a perfect end to the afternoon….. 


11th February

© David Oakes 2014

And the Day just got Better and Better



This December day started bright and sunny and just kept getting better.  Late afternoon and the woods glowed with the falling winter sun.  Oak leaves still add that golden colour to the woods and whilst it does look that touch colder it is still unseasonably warm….


Not that I am complaining…if this is winter I certainly don’t mind some more….in fact the only downside at the moment is that the daylight hours are so much shorter and the day soon comes to a close……


9th December

© David Oakes 2013