Heading for the Shade………


Heading for a stroll, or maybe a Beer, in the shade on a very hot day in the Old Town  of Tallinn, Estonia.

Thankfully, those tall buildings, that surround the main square and line the streets of the Old Town, do exactly that…provide some welcome shade whilst one explores this ancient and exciting Capital of Estonia.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2020


Saturday Excursion….. Tallinn


Tallinn, Estonia on the shores of the Gulf of Finland

Many of you will know that on Wednesday’s I feature a Favourite Place.  Places that I have visited on many an occasion and am drawn back to like a magnet.

There are though locations that I have only visited once, sometimes briefly, and upon leaving have said…” we must go back “.  Tallinn is one such location where there was just so much to see and explore… that one day was certainly not enough.  I hope we will get back to Tallinn….  in the meantime here is a brief picture tour.

Just a flavour of the busy narrow streets, architecture, mosques and churches with their towers and spires….everywhere a riot of colour.

4th May

(C) David Oakes 2019

Thoughtful Thursday…….Give a Little


Thoughtful Thursday….On the steps of Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Tallinn two beggars stand in hope. Compassion is shown from one young lady with her small son and a donation made.  But in todays cynical world we are being told not to be fooled…beggars are really smart crooks who have chosen this as an easy way to earn a better living than actually working.  Some locals were discouraging donations.  Their logic (which might be right) was that the beggars had chosen to ‘pitch up’ here as it was a hot spot for tourists.    Strange that as I watched, it was locals, who after being inside for their daily worship made donations……..I thought I would add a little to the days takings.



Alexander Nevsky Cathedral



9th January

© David Oakes 2014


Well here are two separate takes on this weeks photo challenge…I think both fit the prescribed instructions for submission….anyway here goes.

The first shots are taken in Tallinn, Estonia.  A narrow cobbled street with medieval tower and high city walls.  Should it be a landscape……


or a Portrait shot? Your choice…..same time, same place yet the atmosphere very different but both equally acceptable.

Another interpretation of the brief may be one subject taken from opposite directions, each shot very different and able to tell a different story.  The next two shots were taken in the 13century church of Marienkirche, Rostock, Germany(east).  The church itself houses many treasurers and artefacts including these two enormous medieval bells….



One shot very much about the bells..the other places them in the church under the enormous Basilica.

Again your choice.


© David Oakes 2013