Wordless Wednesday…. A Favourite Place


Spain….  Alhambra of the Moors, Granada

Couldn’t resist revisiting Alhambra of the Moors with its many Palaces.  Today we visit the Generalife Palace and the Patio of the Irrigation Ditch.  We all know the vital need for water, bringer of life.  But here at Alhambra I discovered the ingenious use of  moving water to provide cooling…. not dissimilar to A/C  in buildings today.  Sometimes it is just a simple fountain or spring, in the middle of a courtyard, with the water evaporating on the hot stone floors.

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26th August

(C) David Oakes 2020

Wordless Wednesday…. Another Favourite Place


Location:-  Charles V Palace, The Palaces of Alhambra,  Granada of the Moors, Spain

Sometimes a Favourite place remains in ones memory even if the chances of a return visit are perhaps slim.  Alhambra is one such place.  It is perhaps the complexity of Alhambra as well as is beauty that makes it a special memory.  The reality is that Alhambra is not just one ‘place’ but a collection of Palaces of different ages from the days when the Moors where the dominant power.  Many of the Palaces follow a styled theme, each different, but still a recognisable style.

On most tours of the vast estate of  Palaces, The Palace of Charles V is one of the first you enter.  It is very deferent to all the other you will experience on your tour.  Although different it sets a scene of the size and detail of things to come.  It will also give you a taste of the crowds of visitors who you will share these special places with.  Enjoy and be prepared to be overwhelmed by the experience.


CV19 is going to be with us for  a long time, so if we ever want to explore once again…

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12th August

(C) David Oakes 2020

Spanish Magic…….


Alhambra, Granada of the Moors, Spain

A really magical place.  I defy anyone who visits this vast complex of Palaces, Places of Worship, Gardens and Waterways not to be overpowered by their beauty and complexity.

At every twist and turn, on passing through endless doorways, to rooms, along passages that guide you from one dramatic view to perhaps an intricate decorated room, you will find a new experience to marvel and enjoy.

One thing is for sure, how ever much you have been told about the Alhambra, how ever much pre-trip  research you do, it will never be enough.  Your camera will click away, you will miss much as there is so much…and then once you are home and try to select just one image from so many iconic views, you will find it tough.  This is mine.

For centuries and across many culture the Alhambra has survived…..

……  It will survive again, after all the current trauma is over

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Wordless Wednesday….A Favourite Place


Location:-   The Alhambra, Granada of the Moors, Andalusia, Spain

Looking back at all the great places we have visited this year the Palaces of Alhambra has to be top of the list.

26th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

THE ALHAMBRA….Granada of the Moors


The Palace of Comares, Alhambra

High on a Red Hill stands the ancient Royal City and Palace we  know as Alhambra.  It was created as a defensive Hill Fort and within its high walls was constructed a Palace, Mosques, Houses, Gardens, Garrisons and Stables and everything else for an independent and secure city.


Built over a number of centuries by Muslims Rulers who controlled Andalusia and was subsequently secured by Christian forces it has by nature had a chequered history. As each subsequent ruler, Muslim or Christian inherited Alhambra they added there own Palace….so now it is a collection of Palaces that you visit.

The name Alhambra is thought to be derived from al-hamra , a combination of red (from the soil of the hill) and Muhammed al-Ahmar ibn Nasr the founder of the Fortress.

Alhambra is considered one of the finest examples of the earliest Muslim Art.  It is also an eclectic mix of styles as influences changed from eastern to western.

The exteriors are dramatic but the interior is breath-taking.  Intricate carved stone, lace like and coloured, tiles and mosaic patterns that convey religious messages.   Water and gardens are incorporated into these spaces as places for cool contemplation and leisure. Dark for shade and windows for air circulation.  But above all are the dramatic carved ceilings and tiled domes.

_DOI0312 - Copy

So lets take the tour….

That is just the short version…you need to visit for yourselves to get the true magnitude of what was created.  As with so many major locations you need to book in advance.  It will still be very busy but full marks for organisation as the tickets are timed to control the flow of visitors…not perfect but it works better than most. As for time well even a good day will not cover everything and a guide is valuable.

But we haven’t finished…. tomorrow we Tour the Gardens in what is known as the Generalife Palace

4th October

(C) David Oakes 2018