Easter Day…….Greetings and Wishes


A Victorian Easter Card originally published by Raphael Tuck and Sons. From the David Oakes – Card Collection.

Easter Greetings to all…..and a wish that there could be more Peace and less Violence in this World.

20th April

© David Oakes 2014

Spring is here…….……Tamed and the Wild


Spring is bursting upon us in many ways.  The buds of our early flowering Clematis that have been swelling over the past week have now burst.  We have to enjoy the delicate pink petals with their golden stamens whilst we can, for delicate is the word….the first wind or rain and down they will fall.

Much more robust are the Marestails.  Now before gardeners raise their hands in horror let me quickly add that these are never to be encouraged in the garden.  These two  heads are part of a colony in some wet ground on the edge of the woods.  Like many wild flowers and plants they suddenly appear from nowhere…….


These sturdy seeds heads on long fibrous stalks look a trifle prehistoric, but come the autumn they will present a much softer image sporting a mass to frilly leaves, much like the hair of a horses tail.  Elsewhere the tops of the Silver Birch are filling out with the new leaves wafting in the breeze and contrasting with both the Grab Apple Blossom and the Blue skies….


Yes, it does feel as if the Spring, that has teased us for so long this year, has indeed arrived

19th April

© David Oakes 2014

Shady Lane……


Another bright sunny start to a Spring morning ideal for the morning stroll through the woods.  As the buds burst on the trees the leaf canopy start to cast its dark shadows over the woodland floor.  It is now a race against time for the Bluebells.  Small groups of Bluebells are starting to flower in the woodland glades……


But we still have the promise of the traditional carpets of Blue yet to come…may be next week!  Bluebells are a ‘between’ season woodland flower, they need the clear skies to stimulate their deep rooted bulbs to burst into their short lived life.  Flowering is a rush before the woodland canopy casts its shadow over everything when the bulbs recede to the ground to recover for another year.

Down by the lake the Willows are now in full green leaf filtering the sunshine and providing just one more of Springs treats…..


17th April

© David Oakes 2014

What a Difference………..A Year Makes!


This month, last year, our TV News Bulletins showed scenes of Farmers standing in wet muddy fields bemoaning the winter snows and rains that had left their crops rotting in the mud.  Most early crops including Oil Seed Rape were to be ploughed back into the ground once weather conditions improved.  Advance forward a year and what a difference there is in those same fields.  The trees and hedges have yet to leaf but the vibrant yellow flowers of the Oil Seed Rape is an indicator that this year they should have a bumper harvest….


And it is another year on for this Ancient Oak.  It may well be well over a 1000 years old but the buds are bursting indicating that there is still lots of life yet in the misshapen, gnarled but still sturdy trunk…..


15th April

© David Oakes 2014

Orchid Splendour………..all Year round


Orchids have a reputation for being a delicate and fragile plant, hard to rear.  But the variety that we enjoy as houseplants seem to be an extra sturdy species.  There is not a month when we are not graced by the splendour of their blooms….and we only have three plants.  Certainly, some months, it may only be the odd flower head.  As Easter approaches they seem to have some extra vigour and present us with cascades of colour……..


14th April

© David Oakes 2014