Thoughtful Thursday…….. Hope

Some sunshine

Daffodils for Hope….

There is a suggestion gathering pace, that after such a dreadful Winter, a winter in which we have all had to adapt our lives because of Covid 19, that we need some ideas, something we can share, to give us all hope. 

One of those suggestions, and hopefully with Spring knocking at the door, that Daffodils could be that symbol of Hope!

Perhaps, we can all collectively,  display an image of Daffodils, it would show we care and that we are optimistic that Spring, will soon lead us all, onto those hoped for better days.

Well I have made a start, I have an image of Daffodils in my office window for all to see..

…..  and of course it also has that important message  …..

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

4th February

(C) David Oakes 2021


There is a Lot of Hope About…….



Trees are like life itself,  never straightforward, always twist and turns.

Right now we are all experiencing some major twist and turns…. and not many of those twist are for the good. Even so when listening to friends, reading what many write, there is a high degree of hope for the future.

Most express the view that the world in which we live will not be the same again…but better.

There is a hope that real change to can come about. That Politicians will be a great deal more humble and listen and learn. Work for us not themselves.  Recognise that Climate Change is real.  Acknowledge the real trauma and loss to real people that is occurring….real people not statistics and graphs.  Politicians that will invest in Health and Social Care, rather than constantly cutting costs and beds.   Step forward without hesitation to do the right thing…. just as thousands if Health Care workers have selflessly done. Their lives on the line……. Don’t let them down.

Put people before profit please.  Not that I subscribe to the view that profit is a dirty word, far from it. But profit at the expense of people is not acceptable…..  There was a saying that “The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer”.  Maybe that is still true to an extent…  what is true is that wealth is in the hands of a few.

With Hope very much in my mind, whilst I take my daily Lockdown exercise, it is uplifting to see just how the Natural World is thriving.  Exceptionally clear skies with no hints of vapour trails, air that does smell and taste so much cleaner are a genuine bonus.  Little if any traffic noise allowing the song of the birds to be clear to the ear. Those ‘Spring Greens’ now seem even greener.

So join me on this mornings walk. From Lake to the Woods, take in a few Bluebells and then slowly, no need to hurry and waste the sunny day, through the Dandelions in the meadow and back to the Lake….

 This mornings sunrise was full of promise and I guess HOPE


Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

21st April

(C) David Oakes 2020


Relaxing….. Before the Annual Round the World Trip


Waiting for the call from Santa Claus….

Just in case it past you bye…it was December the 1st yesterday, now Christmas is only 24 days away.

On our recent trip to Northern Norway we were lucky enough to meet with a Sami Family and some of their Reindeer.  It was a privilege to learn about their life, traditions and how they  adapt to modern life. Of course we touched on Christmas and their Reindeer and just in case they get that call from Santa they are feeding up and relaxing, ready for the off on the 25th !

So, keep your eyes peeled on the 25th…they may be paying you a visit. So don’t forget the carrots and sprouts the keep their energy levels up.

2nd December

(C) David Oakes 2019

The Odd Spot of Sunshine


Allestree Lake…one of the bright spells!

The day, we were told, would start overcast and dull but cloud would clear and a bright day would follow.

Well it did start dull not even the yellow Sycamore and Maple leaves could do very much to brighten the morning….


Early afternoon we enjoyed the bonus of a little sun.  Its bright rays once again caught the remaining Beech leaves to light up an otherwise dark corner of the lake…


A heavy frost is forecast for Saturday night so no doubt the remaining leaves will be down tomorrow….but for the beginning of December that is not bad going.

Christmas is coming as is a New Year so please join me in this seasonal wish…

3rd December

(C) David Oakes 2016