A Rugged Coastline…..


The Rugged North Cornish Coast

Late autumn on the Cornish Coast was always a magical place to be, especially when it was between weather fronts.  Dramatic seas, then something a little calmer, fantastic cloud scapes, and low light adding dimension to the rugged rocky coast.

Here at Levant, looking towards Pendeen Point, you are reminded that once this was a busy industrial mining area .  Levant and its neighbouring mines produced Tin and Arsenic.  Mines stretch out under the sea with Steam Driven Beam Engines used to keep the workings clear of water.  Mining was always a dangerous occupation….. but the mining and refining of Arsenic was equally as dangerous for those on the surface, and not just the workers but the wider community.

A peaceful view, a peaceful reminder of  past toil and hardships.

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

14th November

(C) David Oakes 2020

Our Coastal Heritage

LandsendFrom Scotland down through England and Wales to the southern tip of Cornwall our coastline, apart from being a place of fantastically varied beauty, also tells the story of our heritage over the centuries. 

The  location above is on the north Cornish coast below Pendeen and is the Levant Tin Mine and beyond that what became a notoriously deadly Arsenic works.  In the far distance is Pendeen Lighthouse.

Looks both picturesque and tranquil now…… but once a hive of activity and a source of Cornish wealth (for some) and dangerous and very hard labour (for others).  I recall a rather young  Art Director, whilst selecting images for a publication, saying that development like that would not be tolerated today along our coast……His editor gave him a withering look, shuck his head and replied “quite right lad – today we build Nuclear Power Stations instead”.  I suppose that is progress!

3rd December

© David Oakes 2013