Sunday…. A Rather Tiny Chapel


Something Old…. Something New(ish)

This tiny Chapel is located in a Tudor Manor House.  It is within Little Moreton Hall located in the Cheshire countryside, and once the home of the Moreton family.

Like so many of the Castles and Manor Houses of the time, they included a Chapel for Private Worship.  Often these Chapels were secret, their presence disguised, as religious beliefs caused conflict between Faiths.

The Chapel at Little Moreton is simple, quiet with a spiritual feel. As mentioned, it dates back to the Tudor times. The Manor also had a chequered and at times stressful history, particularly during the English Civil Wars.

The Window above is not original.  It was installed in 1937/8 to Celebrate Bishop Charles Abraham who had held Office at Derby Cathedral.  Bishop Abraham was bequeathed the Hall by his cousin Elizabeth Moreton (1821-1912).

As for the Hall itself….. well, it is itself very special.  An excellent example of the skills of the Elizabethan Craftsmen.  Constructed with local Oak timbers and all secured by wooden pegs.

Thankfully, the Hall is now protected by the National Trust, so Little Moreton’s Heritage is secure…


A visit to this fine example of a Moated Manor House is a must on any Travel Itinerary of the Cheshire area. Nor should the jaunty angles of the building fool you… it has stood for centuries and surveys suggest that it is secure for many more.

Enjoy your weekend…. and as always….

Please Remember ….

Stay Safe …. Be Kind…. Look After Each Other

29th January

(C) David Oakes 2023