Silent Sunday….. the ‘other’ Cathedral


The Arctic Cathedral, Tromso

Last week I took you on a visit to Tromso Cathedral *, a magnificent traditional styled wooden structure..  But we were also directed to the eastern side of the Fjord directly opposite Tromso city centre, to the church that has become known as the Arctic Cathedral.


Lets state straight away that this is not a Cathedral but the Parish Church of the suburb of Tromsdalen.  It is also a very modern construction of concrete and steel. Built in Long Church style, but apart from that it is strikingly different and stylish. Designed by architect Jan Inge Hovig. Consecrated in 1965 as the Parish Church it soon became know as the Cathedral of the Arctic Sea and later nicknamed Arctic Cathedral.

We were able to make a very short visit to this special building, one we wish was longer to explore more fully.

One of the most dramatic features of the Cathedral is the Glass Mosaic Window in the east end.  I am told that this was added much later in 1972 a necessary move to prevent the congregation being blinded by bright light behind the alter…. a rather fine addition.


So there we have it…a quick visit to the Arctic Cathedral, one that needs to be repeated with more time.

20th October

(C) David Oakes 2019