DP. Weekly Photo Challenge- 2017 Favourites


Neist Point Lighthouse, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Neist Point is one of my favourite places….though this is not one of my best shots of the location.  But for me it is a favourite because of the very memorable conditions under which this shot was made.

What you cannot tell from the image is that a major storm had just started to ease.  We had sat in the car about a mile away thinking that we best turn for home. But after a flask of coffee our courage returned and  the gale eased to just a very high wind. Even so it was rather desperate by the cliff edge being jostled one way then the other by each gust of the wind.  There was no way a tripod was going to  remain standing so the only option was to sit low down on the cliff edge, crank up the ISO rating and hope that a high shutter speed would kill the shake that was still going thru my body.

It was one of those days when you were thankful to shrug off the waterproofs and sink into the comfort of the car…even though it was still swaying.  So it is my favourite for 2017 for all the excitement and the memories of that storm.

I hope this fits the bill for this weeks DP Photo Challenge Topic….you can see what are the favourites of other contributors on this link:-


21st December

(C) David Oakes 2017

12 thoughts on “DP. Weekly Photo Challenge- 2017 Favourites

  1. Amazing… Yes, I can understand the winds around those rocky mountains. The photo is great! It tells me how tiny we humans are. I see the road winding towards the lighthouse and then the lighthouse itself. It’s not a small building but it looks like you can just flink it oof the rocj with your fingers. The road looks like a narrow ribbon. Yep.. Sky ‘s on my bucketlist… After I win the New Years Eve lottery… (roll eyes smiley). 😀


    • That ‘road’ is in fact a narrow footpath. You reach it after a very steep and twisting series of steps. When the Lighthouse was manned (and later an outdoors centre) supplies were sent down to that pathway by means of a makeshift cable car. 🙂


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