I Keep Getting Told its Time to Spring Clean My Study…..


After visiting this House I somehow don’t think I need bother for awhile!

Followers will know that Calke Abbey, one of England’s very old Family Estates features regularly on this blog. It is usually the Parklands, woods, the extended estate and stable blocks that I have shared with you…often promising to take you inside this very unique House.


Once the home for many centuries of the Harpur Crewe Family the house and estate passed to the National Trust to help settle Death Duties when the last owner of the House died.  The Trust describe it both as a very Un-Stately Home and as a Time Capsule.

The House and its contents is a real treasure trove containing just about everything the family collected in travels and local exploration over the centuries. In truth I suspect that the National Trust were so overwhelmed with what they inherited that the decision to leave everything as it was left, was the wise decision.


It was once a very grand family house and much of that Grandeur is still very visible.  But so are all the unique quirks of this, some would say, eccentric family. So join us on a mini tour of some of the many rooms, enjoy the peeling wallpaper, cracked ceilings, falling plaster work, the haphazard collections, the once quiet spaces, the Servants Quarters, Kitchens and Brew House….and if you are ever in Derbyshire,  place Calke Abbey high on your to-do-list…


Reflecting on all that has been collected that famous motto “Waste Not Want Not” displayed here in the kitchen is so appropriate…


Calke Abbey…..A place where time really does stand still…


8th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

13 thoughts on “I Keep Getting Told its Time to Spring Clean My Study…..

      • Which it would be as long as the curiosity holds up? 😉 But honestly . . .?!
        Curiosity is also the driving force of Facebook! It’s now only 5 days till I delete my profile on thet portal! After chasnges and what has otherwise happened, it’s of no use to me any more! (And I’m not very curious as to what’s taking place there!)

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  1. WOW! What an amazing place. Many years ago I once worked on the local estate as a gardner, the landowner was very old and accentric and lived alone in a huge mansion (40 rooms apparantly). Although I didn’t go in every room, those that I did were similar to these. Junk (some of it priceless no doubt) in every room. Several years ago it was gutted in a fire (no one was hurt) and I wondered how many priceless treasures went up in smoke.

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    • It makes a great day out…worth venturing all the way from Yorkshire 🙂 The old family didn’t allow cars, etc onto the Estate. Guest had to report to one of the Lodge gates. The House would be notified and a Carriage and horses sent to collect them (and the drive is about 2 miles long ! ). Just surprised this House has not gone up in smoke, it looks tinder dry….despite the damp patches on walls and ceilings.

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  2. I love the ‘shower’… What a great solution! It would be great to browse around. I probably would love a pair of antlers. To be stuk on the wall. Handy think for nekclaces, bracelets etc. 😀


  3. I wished to be there 🙂 Loved so much, especially the blue room and wanted to search everything, paintings, little things, doll houses, books…. Amazing photographs. Thank you dear David, Love, nia

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