DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening


Wood Anemones

Late yesterday evening, in a woodland glade near us, I came across this patch of Wood Anemones.  They are late to flower this spring (like many of our wild flowers) but here they are at last….and just in time to add to this weeks DP Photo Challenge on Awakening. Late they may be and with only days to live, but perhaps they a little more special for that.

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17th April

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9 thoughts on “DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening

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  2. It started here pretty good this week. Today we will be getting 22-24º en tomorrow it can even be warmer. In some places up to 27! For me that’s too much. Been out this morning. Went to the market and so many people without their coats on. It’s beautiful today. Too warm for my liking but I wish you all to get a big part of this what we have.
    I really love thos anemonies. Fragile and yet they bloom in early spring. 🙂


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