Spring isn’t All Blue……


As Spring starts we move through varying colour waves, white, purple, yellow and of course blue.  At this time of the season Blue does tend to be the dominant colour particularly in what has been bare woodlands…. and right now the Bluebells reign supreme under the new green leaf growth.


But Blue isn’t the only colour to make its mark on this April days, days which can at one moment give us warm sun and clear blue skies…. then the next dark foreboding clouds bring those famous April Showers.  It is a real mix of weather, contrasts and colour but that is an English Spring when woodlands and gardens come to life…. and it can all happen in just one April day

Spring and April in England… that’s why we love our country

27th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

10 thoughts on “Spring isn’t All Blue……

  1. What a wonderful selection of Spring, David. So colourful. It’s fabulous. It’s pretty cold here. Maybe already the Blackthorn winter? Last year it was in May. But Nature cannot be ordered to be ‘on time’. Maybe May is lovely and not as cold as this week. We celebrate the birthday of our king Willem Alexander and a few million of us are going bezerk https://www.expatica.com/nl/about/Celebrating-Kings-Day-in-the-Netherlands_101840.html
    I’m not. Like to stay at home with some music and a nice book and a large pot of tea. 🙂

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