A Spectacular Garden with a Spectacular View…… over Derbyshire


Lea Rhododendron Garden, Derbyshire


We were overdue for our annual pilgrimage to Lea Azalea and Rhododendron Gardens that overlook Derbyshire’s Derwent Valley near Matlock. I say overdue as we were later than usual…but we need not have worried.  Last year the Azalea’s were over and the Rhododendrons had just reached their peak and showing signs that the end of the season was neigh.  But our winter and spring weather has introduced a change for 2018 season.  The Azalea’s have for the most part yet to flower and the Rhododendron are mostly in full bloom … but with more to come….so join us on a trip round this woodland garden…

Lea Gardens have been created many years ago in an old stone quarry.  Today you would be hard pressed to recognise its industrial past…now surrounded by trees and covered in a network of twisting pathways hiding in a forest of Rhododendron and Azalea you are in a different world.  It is a place of peace where even on a busy day you can find time and space to just sit and enjoy…


11th May

(C) David Oakes 2018

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    • It has to be spring…. I defy any visitor at Rhododendron time not to be in awe of the mass blooms, the pathways are narrow and the size of the bushes so large that you feel as if you are lost in a multi-coloured forest 🙂

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