Sunny Saturday…..


Anyone for Golf……

Just the morning for a game of Golf…if you are that way inclined.  As for me I believe in those words of wisdom that “Golf spoils a good walk”.

Yep, I quickly headed off to the woods, woods that are alive with the signs, sounds and smells of spring.  Green is still a dominant fresh colour but as the spring season moves along the scent of the woods change.  After the sweet scent of Bluebells we now have a scent hard to describe, its musky but fresh and is the smell of the Ferns and Bracken that are now vigorously playing catch up….



Then as you tramp on through on your explorations you are hit by the scent of Pine needles and dry Beech leaves…its great to be out and about -with or without Golf Clubs 🙂


19th May

(C) David Oakes 2018

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