At last…..


The Blue Tits have started to nest in a corner of our garden….this is so late, by June in a normal year they would be starting their second brood.

We have seen some young Blackbirds about but the small birds appear to be late starters this year.  The strange thing is the larger migratory birds like Osprey, arrived further north in Scotland weeks ago, reserve web cams show them feeding hatched chicks.

Indeed it is a topsy turfy season.


2nd June

(C) David Oakes 2018


11 thoughts on “At last…..

    • Probably not…they are perhaps one of the most regular visitors to our garden. they all so have bigger sisters and brothers in the same family The Great Tit and the Coal Tit. Blue Tits are fun birds and very fast movers 🙂

  1. Lovely shots of a lovely bird! I have them all year around – feed them in winter and they nest here as well. I agree with the fun watching them.

    • We too have them all year…… though I think we have a shift change in spring and autumn. I know with Blackbirds that we appear to have all year round, that in fact we host wintering Blackbirds from Scandinavia the across the summer we get Blackbirds that have migrated northwards from the south !. But the Tits are fun, natural acrobats 🙂

      • I did not think about that – it might be a shift change…But we know each other so well – when the feeder is empty in winter, they come to my window and knock on it. Looking at me through the glass.

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