June is not “Flaming June”…. but it ain’t too bad.


All Calm over Allestree Lake

I guess you could say the weather of late was much more typical of early summer in England.  Not exactly wall to wall sunshine but more cloudy skies with occasional sunny breaks.  Still warm and humid which certainly has  encouraged an abundance of growth in the flora….


Burley Brook lost beneath a Fern and  extravagances of Wild Flowers 


Wild and left to grow where they will…and in my view as good as any Flower Show Garden.

Weather outlook for the rest of June…much the same again but with the occasional wet day

7th June

(C) David Oakes


4 thoughts on “June is not “Flaming June”…. but it ain’t too bad.

    • I guess it is because we have had so much rain this winter (record levels) but the early part of the year is always wet. So with record high temperatures in April then May I guess conditions for lush growth were just right. As for the colour of green…well we always start bright ‘spring’ green, it is distinctive, then as the summer progresses those greens do become much darker…… it walking in woodlands a changing experience. 🙂

      • I love walking in the woods, it’s magical. Especially if it is done in solitude.
        But your ability to capture all the shades of green, from the brightest of spring, to the dull of summer, I think it is the virtue of a great photographer.

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