Monday Blues……


Well, after all that hot weather the weekend was mixed. Saturday grey and Sunday wet….. just a shame for all those outdoor event organisers who had been looking forward to, and planning for. a dry and hot day for there event.

Monday today and it looks like a wet outlook for the once traditional ‘Washing Day’.

Forecast is more hopeful for a return to some warmer sunny weather as the week goes along…. I say hopeful, but I know many folk were preying for rain and some cool.

30th July

(C) David Oakes 2018

2 thoughts on “Monday Blues……

  1. I would wish it were wet but it’s not. Just some clouds at the rim of the Low Pressure area that’s over Britain. The outer end just hugs the western part of our country (and Belgium and France… :} )but no rain of any meaning. Maybe we will get a bit-o’rain and maybe a wee thunderclap as well. We will see. The thunder you may keep but please sens us some of the water? :}}|

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