Summer is on the way back….


It does seem strange but  encounters on the mornings walkies with Buster produced more than a few comments on how cool it was….25c rising to 27c ! Now that isn’t bad in my book and in a normal summer would be recognised as hot.  Yep, we had a blip in this summer’s heatwave over the weekend, even some rain, not as heavy as some nor as much as some of my gardening friends would have liked.

But it has freshened things up, the woods in particular smell and look fresher….the bracken is standing tall again even if the lower  stems are dry and brittle….autumn may well come sooner this year.

Talking of autumn the weekend winds have brought down some of the weaker branches and lots of dried leaves giving the woodland floor a real autumnal look….


Teasels, another late summer – autumnal indicator have also produced there prickly seed heads and most have lost those purple flowers, that for a short time, add to the attraction for feeding insects…


Nor does the recent wet spell seem to have harmed the Butterfly population. It has been the best year for a great many species. As soon as we got even just a little sun they were out again..

Back in the garden the Pale Whites which seem to have had an explosion this season are still busy on our Lavender…

_DOI8744-qqq So, as another month nears its end, I guess summer still has a great deal to offer us.

31st July

(C) David Oakes 2018


4 thoughts on “Summer is on the way back….

  1. Mornin’! Same here. There was again a huge rainshower very slowly passing by. And a little cloud following hastedly (hastly?). The little one gave us about 50 drops of rain. And that’s it. It ran further, hoping to stay with the huge shower clouds. It never made it… 🙂
    We find many dry leaves on the foot- and cyclepaths and everywhere else. Fruit is harvested that is too small for a supermarkets. Thankfully the people want it. They drive to the farmer en he’s sold out in one day! Lovely sweet purple plums. YUMMY.
    All in all it’s summer to remember, although not fondly…

    • By all accounts our soft fruits have had the best season for many years and predictions for apples and pears is good. Mixed reports on the cereal harvests but not so far despair.

      • Size does not always matter. These plums are lovely and sweet. But too small for the supermarkets rigid rules. Never mind… my friend ‘s busy making loads of jam. She has about 20 jars ready now. I am sure that some of them will come my way too. The blackberries are coming and they are huge this year. And sweet. But a lot of soft fruits fail because of the drought. Also the autumn fruits are not doing as well. Still hope of good apples and pears but the field crops are gone. No sweet corn, tiny potatoes for the crisp factories when they want only huge ones. Beets, grain, vegetables like spinage are all in trouble. Food will become expensive. Less choice is not the problem. Maybe that’s a good thing for people nowadays…

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