Autumn…its just around the Corner!



Someone said yesterday, that Autumn was just around the corner. It is an inevitable fact that Autumn will arrive. However I do hope that round this corner there is a long straight road of late summer for us to enjoy first.

The rains of last week, whilst not that intense, have revitalised the trees which for the most part are once again showing a spring like green..

Ash Keys are now plumping up with new seeds ready to be dispersed in the wind when they fall in the autumn.  What is worrying is the trend of recent years for the Horse Chestnut Trees to display brown rust spots on there leaves…very noticeable this year..


Late August the days have cooled…. but still the early morning glow, with a lower sun, does light up the browns and the odd leaf that has started to turn indicating that whilst hopefully it is some way off, autumn is on the way….


30th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

7 thoughts on “Autumn…its just around the Corner!

    • Not that much.. we have had a drought but what little that fell last week has made a big difference to the foliage….amazing both how resilient it can be and how it soon bounces back 🙂

  1. With Autumn ‘around the corner’ the leaves seem to hold on to their spring colours. What we see in Britain is the sheer number of old tress and trees that grown up together. I’d like to call them twin trees. In our ordered country there are but a few old trees. Most of our trees are ‘young’ and straight. No lovely curves and bends.
    Also the care of old buildings is different from here. We are much quicker demolishing them and build block boxes. Square and tectangular buildings with no character at all. Please stay this way. It’s a huge part of what makes Britain. Together with stunning nature it’s an escape from Future land for holiday makers….

    • Building today has no architectural merit…little boxes for new house with little or no gardens, bigger blocks for prefabricated Apartments whilst even bigger boxes are Shopping Malls. In our city we still have factories that were built in the Victorian times and still providing warehouse, office and factory accommodation…..yet units built in the last 20 years are being demolished and replaced with new units that look the same, steel frame and prefabricated walls …..they call it progress 🙂

  2. Let’s hope for an Indian Summer that lasts 4 weeks. With autumnal colours and smells. I confess… autumn really is my season. Fresh mornings with low mists over the fields and hazy shrubs and bushes, beginning of stillness being broken by a rabbit hopping past through dead leaves or birds looking for insects under the fallen leaves. Warm sunshine later in the day and a coffee on a terrace in front of a restaurant of cafe. Dreaming away by the mirror lake where ducks swim by to see wether they will get some crums. 😀
    And always fresh nights. No heatwave anymore. Aahh…

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