Summer continues…


The summer/autumn Equinox has now passed. Temperatures have fallen to a rather pleasant 18c to 20c… by the standards set this summer but rather enjoyable.  The daylight hours are getting noticeably shorter but the feel is still very much of summer rather than a decline into autumn.   In fact rather than leaves turning, dare I say that, they are now spring green in vibrancy.


Some Oak leaves do have the first hint of autumn, which in itself is surprising as they are usually the last to change and remain over winter till the new buds push the old off the branch… perhaps just another indicator of the strange climate we are now experiencing.


Just another lovely late summer day 🙂

28th September

(C) David Oakes 2018

5 thoughts on “Summer continues…

  1. Not a statement that could be made up here. Massive downpour yesterday and very much autumn – back to working for a living – I also understand we will pay for the glorious summer with tonnes of snow…

    • Our ‘local’ amateur weather recorder and forecaster made his equinox eve prediction on our local radio. He predicts an Indian summer in October, a very wet November and guess what snow in December. Fancy that snow in December….who would have thought that possible 🙂

  2. Snow in December? I would say: just wait until it’s almost Xmas time… IF is snows it’s lucky but I’d prefer to see it before I believe it. 🙂

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