A November day….


Yesterday November 1st started rather damp and dull.  There was a hint of colour in the sky but little sign of promise.  Overnight the Ash trees have dropped there leaves, I guess yesterday mornings frost, the first this season, helped them make up there minds…..now just majestic skeletons. I suppose for the time of year we need to expect more mornings like this.

By lunchtime the day had gone through a remarkable change and that sun we have been able to take for granted returned, even though it was a tad chilly…. the Lakeside looked fabulous


Those elusive autumn colours are becoming more dominant. I still think we are going to have a mass drop before they all change to into there autumn colours.  Green is still dominant but the Chestnuts are setting the autumnal trend..


Nice though to enjoy a warmish and sunny November afternoon….not a bad start to the 11th Month.


2nd November

(C) David Oakes 2018

12 thoughts on “A November day….

  1. Tomorrow it is one year ago that my friend died. She loved the winter trees without leaves as you can then see the beautiful forms they have. The Ash trees would have made her smile. Thank you. They are beautiful. Overhere most trees and shrubs have begun to shed their leaves. Winter is coming.

      • We have had a couple of frosts and one morning spotted a few snow flurries in the air. I imagine we will get a snowfall sometime this month but you never know. You are so right — we get what we are given. 😉

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