No Excuses…..


A Beech basking in Early Morning Light, Allestree

Not just another Autumn image ….but maybe the last this season.  So no excuses for indulging myself.

For some time I have rather suspected that the autumn leaves would not reach there full potential this year. They are late to turn, in fact overall the woodland is still green, and after the dry summer, with just a little damp spell before autumn began, the leaves are dry and fragile.

Storms are predicted for this weekend. If that forecast comes true I guess the leaves will just be stripped, leaving skeletons to admire until the Spring.


The Silver Birch is without doubt one of my favourite trees.  This one is a specimen that I guess self seeded many years ago on the edge of the Ha-ha.  One of the first to drop its leaves,  like just about all the Birch in our woodland, whilst displaying yellowing leaves, they are hanging on.

Storm or no storm there is a wind of change in the air…it does feel very different.

Down by the Lake the wind is now rippling the water and the overall colour is more subdued. But the sun still shines.


For the start of November…that isn’t half bad.  A bonus maybe.

2nd November

(C) David Oakes 2018

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  1. Weather expectations overhere: a dry week. Lots of sunshine. Temperatures between 17 and 20º C. We just had All Souls’Day and All Hallows and it’s weird.

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