Winter sun on the Stable Door…..


The warm glow of a winters sun takes some beating.

4th December

(C) Davis Oakes 2018

5 thoughts on “Winter sun on the Stable Door…..

  1. Beautiful as always – the large green stable door is magnificent color and adds so much character. What are those cement pieces along the grass – they sort of look like toad stools. Are they for the horses to be tethered or seats. I’m so curious! Also, where is this? How old is this stable? Are we there yet? lol Love to hear more about this if you have time


    • Thanks. Now lets see if we can answer some of those questions. First the Toad Stools. They are stone and have been used to prop up the corner of wooden barns to keep the barn floor off the ground to try and prevent rodents feeding on the stores. Today they get salvaged and used as decorative edges. The Stables Block is what I call the posh stables as this is where the Lordship’s horses were kept along with carriages, hence the height an width of the doors. The working horses where stabled in adjacent buildings for this was a very much Nobles home but also a working farm and estate Where is it. Derbyshire UK. It is the Calke Abbey Estate, though the House and Estate buildings were never an abbey. The House was built in the early 1700’s and they were still building and modifying in 1808, so I guess somewhere in between they built the stable block. There is also and adjacent building that was an indoor riding school. A historic tourist attraction now but once a busy and thriving estate. 🙂 Here is a link that might interest you :-

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      • You are so wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to explain that. I’m going to go to the link right now! How I envy you living where history abounds. Thanks you for sharing this and thanks again for answering my question.


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