I Guess Winter has Arrived…..


Well it had to happen….winter has arrived this week.  A frost before dawn gave way to a rising mist as the sun dawned on what should have been a lovely day.  But that sun didn’t burn away the mist, it soon disappeared behind a mist that turned to thick fog, a fog that remained for the rest of the day.  Early promise dimmed to a very grey damp and cold day…with a midday cold of 3c .


It was spookily quiet round the lake, no birds, little moved, the ducks finding shelter in the reeds….so it was a surprise when we spooked a Heron….as always in these unplanned situations you just hope that when you grab the camera that the settings will capture something of the fleeting moment…


And that was as exciting as it got….best get back to the desk and some warmth.

(The forecast for the rest of the week is for mild weather, high winds and like it or not much needed rain)


6th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

25 thoughts on “I Guess Winter has Arrived…..

    • After seeing your latest blog page of Threave Castle I can see how my winter shots made you feel dismal and flat. But that is what we got on a day that started full of misty promise but by the time I got out (honest I was quick) it turned foggy and damp….though I do believe the sun was up there somewhere 🙂

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  1. I so disagree with the comment above. I think winter season is not dismal and flat but such an invigorating change from all the other seasons. And your photos are beautiful. Yes, they have an almost eerie mystique to them, but that’s what makes them exquisite.


  2. Thank you for sharing this creative perspective of this time of year…hopefully it will help open my eyes to seeing beyond the mundane yellowish-brown.


    • Truth is that day had started well. We woke to a mist rising over frost and a sun just breaking the horizon. Even though I was out of the door rather quickly the fog descended and the sun vanished. We kept on in the hope the fog would thin, it didn’t, but it was still a great morning. The second truth is if the day hadn’t started with a promise and we had woken to fog I probably wouldn’t have taken the camera with me. Now there is a lesson in there somewhere 🙂

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  3. Oh my..moody photo’s… so breathtakingly beautiful. And the Heron… It’s wonderful. Thank you so much. They are all so beautiful. You have a very keen eye voor such photos, David. And we are in awe. I am.:)

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