Lens-Artists Challenge #23: CELEBRATIONS


And the Band Played on….

The location is Youlgrave, a Derbyshire village high in the Limestone district known as the White Peak.  The Celebrations, which indeed they are, form part of the villages Well Dressing ceremony. Water here was always a precious commodity and the Wells were seen as a blessing from God.  So each year the Wells within the village are ‘Blessed’ thanks given. Each of the village Wells is ‘Dressed’ for the celebrations and the procession pauses at each in turn.



The Youlgrave Village Band is an essential to the villages celebrations and a key event in there musical calendar


One little quirk about Youlgrave is that the name is spelt in two ways ….the alternative is Youlgreave.  Even within the village signs at various buildings differ and even on maps there has been some uncertainty. The one thing the villagers all agree on is that the Well Dressing Custom must be maintained.

This Derbyshire tradition of Well Dressing also occurs in other Derbyshire villages across the summer months…each with there own themes.

Just an idea for this weeks Lens-Artist Challenge #23

9th December

(C) David Oakes 2018