High on the Moors….



Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

After a period of dark, damp days, some high winds and some much needed rain, we woke to sunshine and blue skies.  The wind still scurried the clouds across the blue sky a blue that at times was watery at others much richer…and the light across the bracken was also ever changing but with an overall warming light.

We had wasted no time in reaching this one of our favourite walking areas, Stanton Moor. You are welcome to join us on our walk…


Stanton Moor is also the home of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, an early Bronze age construction. It may be nowhere as big as Stonehenge but of no lesser importance to those early inhabitants and even todays following of Druids.


Standing in a clearing of Silver Birch the Nine Ladies is today rather quiet, it was indeed nice to have the place to ourselves, not a regular occurance.  That will not be the case on the 21st December, the Winter Solstice, when there is always a reasonable size crowd celebrating the celestial change in the suns movements from south back to the north.


The sun may have cast a warming glow but the wind was biting so it was with mixed feelings we headed back for home….and something warming.


11th December

(C) David Oakes 2018


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    • Here is just a bit more info for you. The moor on which the Stone Circle was constructed was in Bronze Age time was a thriving settlement. Agriculture was important, there was also a Burial Cairn and it was also seen as a place of religious significance of which the Stone Circle was central. Druids and Pagans worship there as they do even today on the summer and winter solstice. Why the name Nine Ladies…well that is also part of the magical legend….it is said that nine ladies were turned to stone as punishment for dancing within the sacred circle on a Sunday. It is still a magical place even if you are not a Druid or Pagan, just a visitor like me 🙂

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