Winter Birch…with a touch of sunshine


Resting up today after the Christmas festivities… which was a fun time with the family.

Maybe it was as well that it was mainly an indoor couple of days as the weather has been rather damp, dark and miserable, far from the images of those ‘White Christmases’.

But the sun did break thru for a few very brief moments to remind us that it is still up there somewhere.

27th December

(C) David Oakes 2018

2 thoughts on “Winter Birch…with a touch of sunshine

    • Since our record breaking summer and autumn of sunshine and warmth, our winter hasn’t yet started it just seems to be a gradual slide into damp, misty but still warm days. As for rain we have had little of what one would call proper rain which we do need to top up the water sources. Unusual most certainly


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