Winter Arrived….. Well it was only a Practice!


Frost on the Catkins

Yesterday, January 23rd, we had our first real frost of the winter.  It was also a wonderful sunny start to the day…a day that for once remained sunny till sundown.

So it was no surprise that once the sun had risen the frost quickly started to disappear..


We headed out to enjoy the day, Stanton Moor the destination. The winter sun cast long shadows, and being so low in the sky, created areas of shade where the frost was able to linger longer.

We had of course to pay our respects to the Nine Ladies of the Stone Circle enjoying a special moment as we were the only ones about…so able to pause in peace.


Stanton Moor is a magical location in any season, and any weather.  So we enjoyed the sun through the Silver Birch, with not even the lightest of breeze, there was an air of tranquillity and more than just a little magic.

We nodded at The Earl Grey Tower and Cork Stone as we passed, noted the bracken was now flattened and brown soon to be replenished with spring growth.

 Winter continues to tease us. First frost, but as yet no snow at home… home which is only 15 miles from the moor. But over the weekend there had been a light scattering over these moors.  Just a little further north it had been just a little deeper. The remains draped over the distant horizon.


Being positive, I guess with Winter arriving way past the Winter Solstice, once it arrives it cannot last for too long.

24th January

(C) David Oakes 2019


14 thoughts on “Winter Arrived….. Well it was only a Practice!

  1. Well it usually seems to do so, David, but I presume you do have a spot of ‘the white stuff’ during winters?
    But you ought to take a lot of pictures of it once it appears, as reading the papers it may be a novelty in the future?
    However, oceans rising with something like 8 meters is a pure hoax. Over the last 13 years the oceans have been rising with a total of 50 mm (which is substantially less thanj the rising of the land masses (in some places).


    • Last year we had one day of snow on the 21st January…then nothing till the so called Beast from the East arrived in March…but even the beast was rather a wimp! The UK may not be such a large landmass but the weather is so varied over the country. In our small corner we escaped the worst and have done all year. But even those areas that did get more snow, you have to say it wasn’t as bad as days of old when winters were winters. 🙂


    • I have had the extra thick fleeces ready since November…..not needed as yet even though we have had some cold days. But I don’t think we will be avoiding the worst of winter just yet….February and March have yet to deliver 🙂

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  2. SIGH…. and WOW. So beautiful. Thank you. Made me happy as the grey stuff’s back overhere. With a wee bit of snow. Having osteo arthritis in knees, hips en the spine (all of it) and some more places, like toes, I never dared to venture outside when it’s so slippery. I did today and had a most enjoyable walk. I am using rubber bands with spikes in them. They go under my shoes. And I have taken the rubber shoes from the Nordic Walking sticks so I had the metal pin at the bottom. Perfect for sticking into the snow and feel security from both. A bit of sunshie this morning before the clouds came back in and I found I could walk in the snow again. Like a little kid… that’s the feeling of it. Rain and maybe more snow is expected. But the weekend should be 7º + . It’ll all melt away. Next week more cold is coming in from Russia. No idea whether it’s with love. 😀


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