Silent Sunday….So Off to Church


Derby Cathedral

Whilst the exterior of Derby Cathedral is rather traditional and un-demanding in style, once you step inside you are greeted by a very light, stylish interior with a contemporary feel….quite a contrast.

The original foundations are Saxon, probably about 950ad.  Rebuilt in the 14th century. The interior was then remodelled in Georgian style by James Gibbs and completed in 1725.

But for me what is the outstanding feature is the Wrought Iron Rood Screen that stretches across the body of the church, separating the nave from the choir stalls and alter.  In black and gold it was designed and built by the famous local Blacksmith Robert Bakewell.  The screen is also known as Bakewell’s screen and just one of many pieces of art that he crafted that can be found across Derbyshire.

The Cathedral was once know as the Church of All Saints.  It was in 1927 that it became ‘The Cathedral of All Saints’ when it was uplifted to the status of Cathedral as a mark of Derby becoming a City.

27th January

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