Cold Outside….but only a flurry of Snow


The thermometer read minus 2c…it was cold and indeed overnight there had been a very light flurry of snow. Yep…it was cold so not surprising the birds made a bee line for the Feeders.

Mainly Blue Tits but also Great, Coal and Long tailed Tits, a few Buntings and a lonely Greater Spotted Woodpecker.  All great fun to watch the acrobatics whilst trying not to disturb them….in the cold they need the food.


On such a cold and very dull day they added some sparkle to the morning.

31st January

(C) David Oakes 2019



9 thoughts on “Cold Outside….but only a flurry of Snow

  1. El Dorado for the birds and your camera. It’s spectacular when you see the true colours in full flight. Thanks David. Lovely.

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