End of a Month….. and Winter does arrive


Yesterday was the last day of January.  Despite being a mixed month for weather changes we had not experienced what you might call ‘real winter weather’. Over the last few days there has been a good deal of snow over large parts of the UK, so far it has kept its distance from us here in Derby, middle England.

That all changed yesterday. No snow but we did wake to thick freezing fog and the deepest frost so far this winter. Temperatures started at -5c and rose to -1c.  Cold certainly, but it was dry and so the morning woodland walk was rather good. Hard to think that 3 days ago I was posting images of these woods, basking in sunshine, under a clear blue sky.  Today the sun did try at times to break through the fog, there was even times when, if you looked upwards, you could detect a hint of blue.  The fog didn’t lift much till mid afternoon…


Frost draped itself on any branch of leaf it could find, decorating hedges with white icing.  I caught the end of a Radio interview with a Cine-photographer…he made the comment that in his view images of the countryside could articulate far more than words.  He may be right….  This weeks woodland walks, both very different, spoke volumes to me creating a warm peaceful inner feeling….

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I wonder if February will bring the snow to us in Derby?   Keep warm  🙂

1st February

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8 thoughts on “End of a Month….. and Winter does arrive

  1. We’re trying to stay warm over here across the big pond in the US, but we’re frozen over in my neck of the woods. Below 0° F with wind chills of -20°F is keeping me inside my warm, cozy house.


  2. Mama’s empty nest: Good Luck. We watch it on TV in the News. It looks horrendous. Hang in there. Best wishes from The Netherlands, where we have +6º Celsius with a lovely sunshine. Rest of the week will throw us back into Autumn.Wind and rain and about 7-8 degrees Celsius PLUS.


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