Waiting for Summer…


Cricket Sight Screens..  lying in wait.

A cold February morning….still a long way off the Cricket season, but the sight screens are all spruced up and waiting for the off!

Our luck with the weather is continuing and Sunday got off to a perfect start, ideal for a walk through the local Park. It was busy with runners, cyclists and dogs taking their owners for a walk. All taking advantage of the warm sunshine… but you could still find space to peacefully enjoy the fresh morning air…


Whilst the sun was enticing, and maybe it does look warm, the temperature only managed to reach the dizzy height of 2c…. despite the apparent low ambient temperature its didn’t discourage folk from enjoying a coffee and a chat at the open air Café…


It has been a rather splendid weekend, two beautiful cold winters days.  Nor did the end of the day disappoint….instead it delivered a splendid Winter Sunday Sunset.


3rd February

(C) David Oakes 2019

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