Silent Sunday….. A Misty Start


The morning mist was slow to lift and the dew to melt…. but the sky is clear and the sunshine bright adding much cheer to this Sunday morning.


Ideal for a walk in the Park


But despite the sunshine the Lake looked rather dark, forbiding and colder today than it has on most mornings this winter…..  with March on the way maybe the real winter will arrive.

24th February

(C) David Oakes 2019

5 thoughts on “Silent Sunday….. A Misty Start

  1. I love this time of the year – a kind of space between the Winter and the coming Spring. You can see and feel the first stirrings of something new coming. Your images here communicate that so clearly to me.


    • You are right….however a word of caution (well for our part of the UK that is). It feels very much like spring and new growth and buds are showing everywhere. At lunch time whilst enjoying lunch on the patio in temperatures of 19c, we had several Bees exploring the Jasmine and other winter flowers. All a trifle early… yet we haven’t had winter!!! OK a couple of days when it was cold enough for frost and to freeze the Lake but not a white frost. I have this feeling that as our seasons seem to move backwards in the yearly cycle that we will have winter sometime this March. Nothing would surprise me on the weather front, everything is rather odd and out of synch. 🙂


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