After a Wild Weekend…. all is calm


Allestree Lake, Derbyshire

What a wild weekend that was.  Storm Freya past over in two waves.  I did expect to find some storm damage in the woods this morning but overall I think we escaped the worst.

This morning the sky is blue and the sun is bright, still a little breeze to ripple the water but for me the most significant change is the colour temperature.  So far this winter the colours have remained vibrant, autumn colours merged in to hue’s of spring.

Today it looks very much colder, the colours have faded and starting to look more like winter colours, the lake is a darker blue/black despite a clear blue bright sky.

Rain is threatened for later today and tomorrow is forecast to mirror today…. then after that the forecast is bleak.  Not that we should complain as we have avoided winter (or at least the winter extremes) so far.


4th March

(C) David Oakes 2019

6 thoughts on “After a Wild Weekend…. all is calm

  1. Freya eh? Well, she’s arrived during the night here. Second part passing over now. But she grants us some bright blue skies and sunshine. It’s the first prper Spring storm. Two more to come and then it’s spring. 🙂 🙂


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